Tinnitus is a very common and potentially
devastating condition.

Tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) is a very common and potentially devastating condition. People with tinnitus continuously hear a penetrating phantom sound in absence of actual sound. An estimated 50.8 million EU citizens hear tinnitus, of which 5.1 million are severely bothered by it. Tinnitus can be enormously debilitating and leads to difficulty concentrating, lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression. Even mild forms of tinnitus reduce productivity due to difficulty hearing and concentrating at work and also resting and relaxing during leisure time. In order to cure tinnitus, we need to bridge the gap between basic fundamental research, applied clinical research and product development. Our aim is to understand how basic neural mechanisms of tinnitus can be studied in animal models and human tinnitus patients, and how complementary research techniques can be used towards curing tinnitus.

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WP1: Training WP6: Consortium Management WP3: Research Training – Causes WP4: Research Training – Treatment WP5: Dissemination and Outreach

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